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Five Tips for Children Who Have Given Up Their Nap

Sometimes, it happens – our little ones are ready to stop napping before we are! Some toddlers call it quits by staying up far too late at bedtime, while others simply refuse to fall asleep during the day. Others still might continue their sleep at daycare but stop doing it at home.

At KIDSpace Early Learning Centre in Pakuranga, we have endless advice to help our families from Howick, Mt Wellington and East Tamaki ease the transition from nap time to quiet time. If it feels too soon to say goodbye to that midday nap, here are five of our childcare teachers’ favourite tips.

Reading books

A classic swap for sleep, reading stories is an excellent way to get children to sit still and rest their bodies even when they have long since stopped naps. At childcare, the tamariki are often busy and all that movement can get tiring, which is why our kaiako offer plenty of opportunities to read quietly throughout the day. At home, you could try introducing a midday reading session where you and your little one get snuggly on the couch or in bed before reading a few of their favourite books.

Pretend sleep

If they won’t sleep for real, why not pretend?! Children love pretend play, be it cooking or playing doctor or fixing cars. Extend their sense of imagination by engaging in ‘pretend naps’ wherein you take turns laying down and tucking each other into bed. And if they’re not keen on lying down themselves – afraid they might end up dozing off! – you could get them to tuck their teddies into bed instead.

Create a quiet time box

Children love special toys for special occasions, so a quiet time box might be just what you need to get your little one on board. Find a box or container that you can pull out each day at quiet time and fill it with toys that keep your youngster entertained but not over-stimulated. This could be stickers or colouring books, dolls or blocks. If you need some tips on creating the perfect quiet time box for your child, speak to their daycare teacher about what will suit.

Choose the right space

Where your child spends their quiet time is up to you, and to them. For some, the bedroom is a great place as this is their safe space that belongs to them. And as a bonus, there’s a bed right there in case they do feel like lying down or even resting their eyes! But for other children, being alone in the toy-filled bedroom during the day might only amp them up, in which case a quiet corner of the lounge might be best. At our Pakuranga childcare centre, we have several ‘quiet time’ spaces scattered throughout our centre, letting children find their favourite spot to take a little time out.

Outdoor play can be quiet time

While running or biking or climbing is undoubtedly not restful, you don’t have to rule out having quiet time outside. Setting up a picnic on the grass, getting your child engrossed in water play, or letting them quietly build castles in a sandpit are all great ways to blend quiet time with sunshine.

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