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Learning Through Creativity at KIDSpace Pakuranga

At KIDSpace Pakuranga we know that there are lots of different ways that tamariki learn. Along with the language and literacy gained through engaging with books, and investigatory learning that provides our Pakuranga daycare kids with science knowledge, we can also learn when we make a good old-fashioned mess! We have specific places where we can extend our learning through creativity without worrying about a bit of paint on the floor, and we encourage our childcare kids to get involved with expressing themselves through a whole bunch of different mediums.

Let’s Make And Do

Working on our fine motor skills while engaging the creative parts of our brain means we broaden our horizons and learn skills that translate across all of our learning areas. At KIDSpace Pakuranga one of the ways we use art to learn is to encourage tamariki to have a go at making a collage. When we craft we learn safe ways to use craft scissors, we work with glue, and we also figure out where to place things so they fit together to form a coherent story.

Building Strong Minds

Another area of learning that can be lots of fun and produce creative results is working with tools to construct things with wood. The daycare kids at KIDSpace childcare Pakuranga have the opportunity to use some basic carpentry tools, and when we manipulate these kinds of materials we gain an understanding of how space functions. First, we have a concept, then we make a design, we plan which materials we might need, and then we use our maths skills to measure out the sizes and shapes we will have to cut to make something cool to bring home!

Paint And Play

Everyone enjoys having a go with a paintbrush, this can get pretty messy sometimes – but that’s okay! We encourage all our KIDSpace Pakuranga childcare whanau to dress their children in clothes that are all good to get dirty, then we can relax and enjoy ourselves when we are working on our latest masterpieces. If you want to set up for painting at home, there are many kids-sized easels available. Or just clip a piece of cardboard to the back of an old chair, then attach your paper or card with a peg. If you lay an old sheet down on the deck, driveway, or yard you can really cut loose with a creative project.

Get in touch with KIDSpace Pakuranga to chat about creativity or to share some of your special skills with our Pakuranga early childhood centre. We love it when people come in and teach us new ways to learn and play.