Childcare Pakuranga

Preparing Your Children for School at KIDSpace Childcare Pakuranga

AT KIDSpace Pakuranga early childhood centre we love to help your tamariki build confidence. We are here for those special years where your child is getting ready to launch out into the big wide world, and this is the time to learn those little things that will make your child feel like they are able to take care of a few of their basic need by themselves. We know you are working on these fundamentals at home and we are always on board to keep learning consistent, so what are the basics that will make the difference when your tamariki heads off to primary school?

Zips & Buttons & Laces

Tiny fingers can take a while to get the hang of tiny tasks. At our Pakuranga childcare, everyone moves at a different pace, and we understand we need to support each other to get these tasks under our belt. When your childcare kid is struggling a little with mastering these tasks, it pays to move the learning into a space where there is time and patience to spare. If you are trying to learn to tie your shoes against the clock on a busy morning, it’s likely you won’t get there, so set aside some time when everyone is calm to have a crack at the basics.

Tips And Tricks

One of the tricks we might try when we are learning to tie shoelaces is to have a go when our shoes are not on our feet! This gives you a better view of what’s going on and is less likely to end in frustration or tears. Working on mum or dad’s shoes might also be a fun way to start, the canvas is a bit bigger and perfecting those rabbit ears can be a little simpler when there is more lace to work with! So start big, and work your way down to the fiddly bits. At KIDSpace childcare centre in Pakuranga we also like to take a break when we are working on something tricky, coming back with fresh eyes (and fingers!) can make all the difference.

Big School, Big Moves

When it comes to zips and buttons, this one is all about getting to the bathroom successfully by ourselves, and about getting coats done up. At KIDSpace Pakuranga we reckon if your tamariki can master these two tasks they will feel much more independent when they hit the classroom at big school. Again, these are things that are best learnt when they are not urgent, set aside some time to have a go at one or both when everyone is in a playful mood – you might find they nail them quite quickly if the pressure is off.

The KIDSpace Pakuranga team are always here to help, let us know if you are struggling with these fundamentals and we will see where we can help. Preparing for school is about growing independence, let’s work together!